Retail stores, small and large shops.


Restaurants, bars, bowling alleys


High schools, community centers.

Stillwater, Minnesota Commercial Architects

Commercial architecture is the focus of designing spaces for use by businesses. The role of the architect is to combine function with style.


We understand the commercial architect must also create a design which meets the needs of its users not only today, but for several years to come. We specialize in:

  • Retail – Retail Stores, Shopping Malls, Small and Large Shops
  • Business/Corporate – Tenant Improvements.
  • Restaurants, Bars, Bowling Alleys
  • High Schools, Community Centers

Commercial architecture is a complex process.

Commercial architecture differs from residential design because of the multiple team members and goals. Owners usually have their list of goals for the project, while the staff utilizing the space daily may have their own list of goals.

The customer or guest of the commercial space needs to have an enjoyable experience to ensure repeat business for the owner. We understand these challenges and are experienced with communication with all levels to effectively manage commercial projects, no matter the size.

Besides the need for excellent communication, commercial projects also have a lot of moving parts. From design documents, to state and local codes and specific structural challenges, you need an experienced team to take all those moving parts and synthesize them into a cohesive design which meets the project needs.

When experience counts

We have over 20 years combined experience from small commercial projects to large, multi-faceted commercial projects involving a multitude of moving parts. Our detail oriented approach, developed over the years, ensures your project is completed on time and within the budget set forth. Let our experience work for you on your next project.

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Designing for commercial spaces is a complex process and you need a firm whose vision to create real value for your property won't compromise their ability to design something beautiful. We offer a free initial consultation to get the ball rolling, so fill out our email form and let's get started.

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