Mid-Century Modern

The bedrock of 20th Century architecture

American Craftsman

The revival continues for this sought after style


Sustainable design with clean lines with traditional materials.

Stillwater, Minnesota Residential Architects

Your house should be a representation of your character. You want it to be unique, different, yet reflect who you are and how you live. We are uniquely qualified to help you discover and design a house which reflects who you are.

Residential Architecture

Each site and house has its own challenges and circumstances which an architect alone is qualified to handle. With over 20 years combined experience, we have the ability to take all of your ideas, thoughts, budget and time lines and create unique structure you'll love.

From a multi-million dollar mid-century modern residential project on Lake Minnetonka, to a simple bathroom remodel, we strive to deliver what our clients are looking for. Sharing your vision and bringing them into reality is what we are passionate about.

Don't be fooled by misconceptions.

Hiring an architect is not solely reserved for only the wealthy clients looking for a custom home design with thousands of square footage and millions to spend. We would like to see a home built that is thoughtful, useful and provides what you actually need.

Along with a home that reflects its owner's character, it should also utilize less of the environment's resources. No matter the scale of the project, our value lies in the ability to think differently and solve problems.

Whether you're adding on to an existing structure, remodeling your bathroom or master suite, adding a new garage, or just need some help figuring out how to utilize your space more efficiently, we can help you.

Addressing your needs, wants, and budget as well as other important factors like local building and zoning codes is a complicated process.  We are able to take all of these complex moving parts that make up your project and crystallize them into a cohesive design which in the end, will most likely save you money.

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Whether you are looking to build your dream home on a new site or have a hundred year old home that has underutilized spaces we can help. Contact us to start your discussing your new project. We offer a free initial consultation to get the ball rolling, so fill out our contact form and let's get started.

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